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作者: feckham24x    時間: 2013-5-30 14:31     標題: prom gowns 2013 Transportation - How to manage the documents in s

During the , there are several types of documents need to be dealt with. Like shipping document, shipping list, or discharging document. Generally,prom gowns 2013, the shipper should transact the shipping document. The carrier should transact shipping list and the consignee will take charge of transacting the discharging document. Following are the details to help you manage the documents.
First, let's see the operation of shipping document in transport from China to UAE. There are several items in shipping document, which mainly include the name of shipper,bridesmaid dresses cheap, the name of ship, port of destination, name of goods, mark, number and weight. The shipper should transact the consignment from carrier on the basis of this shipping document. After the carrier accept for carriage, the shipper or the freight forwarder can transact the formalities of customs clearance.
When through the customs clearance, the shipper can make arrangement for the shipment from China to UAE. After shipping the goods, the tally company will give the receiving note back to the shipper. Then shipper can use the receiving note to exchange for the bill of lading. The last step is to use the bill of lading for transacting the settlement of exchange and send the bill of lading to the consignee.
The second type of document is shipping list for the delivery from China to UAE which is transacted by carrier. After the shipping company or the agent accepts the application of consignment, they will send the shipping list to the shipper or the freight forwarder. According to the requirement of carrier, the agent of carrier should fill in the loading list and cargo manifest. After the ship arrives at the port,robe de soir��e pas cher, the loading list requires to be verified. Then the agent will formulate the loading list according to the situation of shipping. Based on the loading list, they should fill in the freight account and send to the carrier's agent of discharging port and the shipping company.
Next type of document for the ocean freight from China to UAE is discharging document. As we know,abendkleider online, after loading the goods, the shipper will get the receiving note, which means the goods has been received and shipped by carrier. For the pick-up of delivery, the consignee should complete the following steps: use the original bill of lading to exchange for delivery order. Then they should use the bill of lading to handle the formalities of release. The next step is to pick up the goods. After pick up the goods, the bill of lading should be preserved in the port for future reference. If there is something wrong with the goods, the consignee can ask for broken and damaged cargo list to file a claim from the carrier.
From the above information, we know that all the documents needed from the consignment to pick-up of delivery have its specific management. To ensure the success of ocean freight, all the documents should be handled on the basis of the related requirement. All in all,abendkleider lang, if you want to arrange China Sea shipping to UAE, taking a look at the operation of documents would be necessary.
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